November 04, 2008


Fun with playground toys...

This is what I was thinking about
while hanging out at my son's school playground recently.

Stay in line. Vote.

(I saw people crying tears of joy
at the polls this morning.

What did you see?)


~Jenn said...

I saw a pollwatcher question the folks at the first table as I entered: Turns out what they were doing wasn't part of the election process; sounds like it was the Republican party keeping track of who voted. Huh.

Me? Teary-eyed after voting for Obama. He doesn't look like me, but at least he doesn't look like THEM.

Anonymous said...

I saw some nice older volunteers and a table with baked goods on a side table of which I bought $2.25 worth.
Regarding Jenn's last sentence:
It will be nice if Obama manages to break us of that divisive habit of thinking in terms of 'US' and 'THEM'. What can one imagine is behind the thought of THEM? I come up with nothing positive.
Its as though we're thinking of the OTHER, the ALIEN, or worse. Not fellow citizens. Chimchim

Wendy said...

i was teary at the polls too. been even tearier with joy and hope this morning. xo

~ Jenn said...

My sentence in more detail:

Although the new prez doesn't look like _me_ (a woman), which I would have liked ...

... I _am_ pleased that the new prez doesn't resemble the people who have traditionally been in power (white men who are out of touch with the reality of the populace).

This exciting new leader -- who resembles an underrepresented part of our citizenry -- will be very good for the US, and will bring people together. Perhaps our joyful coalition can educate the out-of-touch about real life.