December 26, 2008


I believe in haiku.

I believe in moseying.

I believe in celebration.

I believe that images have power.

I believe in singing. Out loud. Preferably with a friend.

I believe that we should all be permitted to wear what we please.

This last from a gal who has spent the entirety of Boxing Day in her jammies. (When Mr. D and my partner came back from a bike ride into town and back today, he greeted me with a jaunty: "Hello, Pajama Mama!")

I am an opinionated person, with passionate and deeply held beliefs.

I would do well to remember more often that others feel the same way about theirs.

I believe in compassionate listening and reflexive kindness.

And I believe that we are all of us works in progress.

(Thanks to the women of
Sunday Scribblings, who this week
unwittingly gave me an excuse
to go poking about in old posts.
New pics tomorrow, maybe?)


Linda Jacobs said...

Sounds like a good life you have there, Pajama Mama!

This is beautiful!

gautami tripathy said...

Like it! I belive in poetry, I belive in reading and lot more..

guts wrenching out....

Granny Smith said...

I, too, am opinionated and must remember to listen to others compassionately (even though I am always right). I have spent the holidays dressed for occasions except for my feet, still clad in bedroom slippers - jaunty knit ones with fleece lining.

BJ Roan said...

Would love to spend the day in pajamas sometime! Loved it!

floreta said...

yes, i like the idea of being a work in progress :) all of life is a journey.. there is no one point in which you stop learning and growing and say "i'm done".

Devil Mood said...

True! Works in progress!
I'm a comfortable clothes fan myself, so thumbs up ;)

I love the singing outloud with a friend part. :)

gel said...

(There are days I stay in my jammies, too. :)

I like your list. "We're all works in progress."

Warm regards,
gel (an opinionated artist/writer who tries to be a compassionate listener, etc... :D)

Tumblewords: said...

Clever post! Pajamas are a good thing!

Captain Molecule said...

"I am an opinionated person, with passionate and deeply held beliefs. "

And that's a great thing to have!

Melody said...

I love your beliefs, they are great. I am sitting right now at 3 in the afternoon in bed in my pj's! How's that for comfort. Keep believing and learning from other's beliefs as well. Happy New Year.

sarala said...

I missed this last week. I like your beliefs. Happy New Year.