December 20, 2008

Ongoing Traditions

Saturday morning wrestling: year three
(Here, Mr. D is trying to "post up" out of the down starting position.)

Neighborhood caroling: year two

Former neighbors returning for the caroling party: year one

Mr. D waits until hot chocolate cools down
without being prompted to do so:
possibly the first time ever!

(All photos taken w/ my brand new Fuji Finepix F60.
Indoor shots are a little grainy: I haven't used any flash modes yet.
I also haven't read the manual,
which is provided
as a .pdf document on CD.
Will consider the next week or so
this camera's "try out" period.
Stay tuned...)


MemeGRL said...

So fun! We had carolers here tonight--four part harmony!--so we got the boys out of bed for it. It was really magic. Will have to connect with you on wrestling at some point...pix look great, can't wait to see how they progress! Happy holidays--

ingrid said...

Merry Christmas Shelley. Have a lovely holiday. Wishing you love and all good things.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

i remember caroling; there was always chili at the end of the line. I am sure I would have appreciated cookies more!