March 11, 2009

Little Things

It's official.
The smaller denizens of the earth are stirring.

And I slept last night in short sleeves
for the first time in what feels like forever.

C'mon, spring!

(Warm gratitude to the fabulous Wendy Cook,
whose post yesterday morning inspired this one.)


Wendy said...

WOW!!! is that a ring neck?

kindred spirits are we.

Shelley said...

Dear Wendy,

My Parseltongue's a little rusty, so I'm not sure who that is, but so pleased that we're both out there honoring these little creatures.

Kindred indeed.

JAXTER said...

I love, love , love that little snake - what a charmer!

Cloudscome said...

Fabulous photo! My boys saw a little garden snake on our front steps the other day but didn't have a camera. Glad you are over your food poisoning at last!