May 25, 2009

Image: Margaret Anne Clarke via Flickr

dinner on the deck –
everything tastes
like honeysuckle

(cross-posted at Spring Haiku 2009)


Anonymous said...

Found your blog and have enjoyed browsing it - I added it to my Google reader. That' quite a fine young man y'all are raising! I hope that I can do half as good a job when we start having kids...

Austin, TX

Shelley said...

Anjea, thank you for visiting and for your kind comment! I love Austin and would love to get back there sometime.

Ascender Rises Above said...

very pretty. i had no idea that honeysuckle had yellow in them. My daughter gave me a plant of honeysuckle last week; though they are only about two inches high.

muebles baratos said...

Excelent photography, is a very beautiful.

A greeting.