June 28, 2009

Many Happy Returns

This box has been haunting our home for the past few weeks. Too big to hide in our smallish house, it needed to rely instead on this very effective homemade warning label. As soon as I saw it, I thought, "No matter what's in the box, it's all gravy... I've already gotten my favorite present."

my wife and son
full of grins and secrets –

early birthday gift

(I did get some great tangible presents as well.
The scary spider box held a complete set of new iittala bowls
to replace our beloved 26 year old (!) Marimekko set.
Another reason to have friends over for brunch, yay!)


Chelle said...

We'll be there tomorrow ;-)

Happy, Happy!

Shelley said...

Missed you this morning, Chelle, but will make sure the waffle iron stays handy! ;-)

yggiz said...

Lovely. I love aqua touch!

Andromeda Jazmon said...

happy birthday! That sign is adorable. and very scary!! ;)