July 29, 2009

Lessons From Camp 2009

We have returned from our traditional two weeks of camping at the amazing North of Highland Camping Area in North Truro, MA. (Hi, Bruce, Jan, Mary, & Brett!) Our dining room looks a little bit like a camping store blew up in it. But several folks have asked for our also traditional post-trip "Lessons from Camp" post, so the bungee bag and ice chest will just have to wait one more night. Here are this year's Lessons from Camp:

Enjoy the day...

...no matter what the weather.


...as the Spirit moves you.

Bring bikes and helmets...

...and, at all times,
be prepared to swim.

Make your own souvenirs!
(Awesome visiting auntie strongly recommended.)

Leave the tents
as flat as you found them.

And fly.
You know you want to.

(Shoutouts to our camping partners Sassafras Mama and JT,
as well as to Paula Poundstone,
who was achingly funny at Vixen that first Thursday night,
& Miss Tara, who made a night in town possible again.
As always, thanks to our families for putting up

with our relative inaccessibility,
and big smushy cyberkisses

to Auntie Nish, Wendy, Karen Schiff, and Aunt Chelle
for their contributions (snailmail and otherwise)
to an extra-special stay at camp this year.
Can't get enough?
Aunt Chelle's and Sassafras Mama's pics are pretty great, too!)


~Jenn said...

Okay, so I'm reading an essay on pregnant lesbians. Take a linkette to an award-winning blog by a lesbian over 50. Mosey through her blogroll and see a "Chelle." Click on it, and find your family trip highlighted. ... Want to know how many degrees of separation it takes to get from me to Kevin Bacon? ... Welcome back.

Stacy said...

Great photos and I totally must know just how it is that D was made to fly.

Tracy said...

And I must know how Auntie Chelle's tees turned out...

Shelley said...

@Jenn - I love that all paths lead us back to each other. Sweetly satisfying. Whatcha doin' Saturday? (I'll be heading north around midday after having dropped D-love off at his auntie's.)

@Stacy - Thanks! All will be revealed.

@Tracy - Click on the links to SassafrasMama's and Aunt Chelle's blogs down in my post-script... there are some great t-shirt shots there!

kls said...

so fun!!
D's getting so tall...and he's got some great dance grooves goin'...

Anonymous said...

I project to go at North Highland camping this summer, can you suggest me the best sites.

Thank you Pascal.

Shelley said...

Hi, Pascal! The sites at N. of Highland are organized into different "areas," and each one has its own feel. Because we started camping here when we had young children, we usually stay in Area 1, which is where the camp store, camp office, and laundromat are. But the staff in the camp office are extremely helpful, and if you tell them what matters most to you, they should be able to help! Come visit us over at 35C & D during July if you do come to visit!

Anonymous said...

what is the best way to reserve site for 2 weeks at the end of july?
By the web or by phone ?


Shelley said...

Pascal, I would recommend calling the folks at N. of Highlands... as a first-time camper at the site, I think you would benefit from their input. Tell them Shelley sent you! (We've been camping there so long they know my name, I think.)

Anonymous said...

Can i phone before mars 1 ?

Merci Pascal.

Shelley said...

I don't think they take any reservations before March 1st... mark your calendar and call then!