November 04, 2009

We Missed the Party

Mr. D's great grandmother Wid celebrated her 99th birthday recently. We couldn't make the party, so we sent along some warm birthday wishes, accompanied by these images.

I was art-directed by Mr. D in this shot. ("You have to open your mouth and look shocked, Mommy!") Tama was still recovering from the flu, and so was granted a reprieve from our photoshoot activities.

(There's a picture from the party itself
up over at the Snowshoe Diaries.)


Chelle said...

We did make sure to introduce the two of you to all the party guests.

Tracy Feld, KidzArt Executive Director said...

Ah... I remember that face from my past -- like when I said I wanted to be a cheerleader. (Okay... you were right and I was wrong.)