September 19, 2010

Glasses of Undeniable Gayness

Earlier this summer, my partner discovered and quickly became enamored of the Mexican telenovela "Las Aparicios." My partner does not speak Spanish (or at least she didn't, then), but she seemed determined not to let a little thing like incomprehension stand between her and her appreciation of some seriously fun and queer-positive storytelling.

Enter Ingrid Diaz, novelist and blogger extraordinaire, who has been posting recaps of Las Aparicios episodes on her website.

Even after discovering that she could pay to have the show streamed to her computer with English subtitles, my partner continued to read Ingrid's helpful and often hilarious recaps. And little bits of Ingrid's world view started to make it into ours.

So, for example, here's one of Ingrid's recaps that inspired us:

To finish off the ensemble, Julia throws on some Glasses of Undeniable Gayness, because otherwise she might’ve not been believable as a lesbian. And then the two of them parade down the street trying to pass themselves off as a lesbian couple.

So can you guess where this is going?

Last week, we picked up our new glasses. Which we have of course now declared to be our glasses of undeniable gayness.

Beautiful, no?
And so gay.

(Many thanks to Ingrid Diaz
for her continuing fabulosity,
and to a certain young photographer
for knocking his usual rate down for us.)


Lorraine said...

I love the glasses Shelley and the link to the Spanish show. Your photographer did a pretty great job too I think. You are a pretty lucky bunch!

kerrdelune said...

Loved this post, Shelley, and the "glasses of undeniable gayness" are cool too.

Nancy said...

You guys are too cute! Love your g.u.b.s, too!

Nancy said...

Of course, I meant g.u.G.s, really!

~Jenn said...

Ooh, it's time for ME to get new glasses. Did you find yours under the "Glasses of Undeniable Gayness" heading at the opticians, or did you have to seek them out? They're simply FABulous!