July 04, 2011

Happy Camper

He's back! And "Yay Camp Onas" pretty much sums it up.
We chose this Quaker camp in Bucks County
because friends recommended it
and because its "old-fashioned fun
with a focus on building community"
style of camping seemed right up Mr. D's alley.

He was still a morning person, even at camp...

... these two shots were taken at 6:30am while Mr. D.
waited patiently for everyone else to wake up.
(And the camera has a clock,
so we know he wasn't exaggerating!)

"I basically chased this butterfly
and cornered it to get this shot,"
he shared proudly.

"This guy taught me some great moves."

"Look, I almost got hit with the ball!
Isn't that so cool that I got this picture?!"

"The older guys were super-nice to us...

... and next year, I want to go for at least two weeks."

(Thank you, Camp Onas,
for helping our boy grow
into his independence.
All photos in this post by Mr. D himself.)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you D for sharing some really cool shots. Chim chim