October 01, 2011

Celebration in Colorado

Things have been a little quiet on the blog.
Irene was a seriously unwelcome houseguest.
To the tune of about a foot of water in our basement.
But the insurance adjuster just left,
and we think it's all going to be fine.
So... time to catch up a little here at But Wait, There's More!

We received a lovely invitation
to join our faraway family members
in a celebration of cousin J's bar mitzvah.
We said yes, and we arranged the trip
so that we got to fly with Grandpa!
(Show here explaining some cool math concept
to an appreciative D.)

I called my old friend J to see if she
had any recommendations for restaurants
in the Denver area,
and we got invited over for dinner!
(Thanks again, J!)

Everyone cleaned up quite nicely.

The Charter at Beaver Creek? Niiiiice!

The amazing Super G was intent on showing off
for big cousin D.

T & D working on some sketches,
waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Cousin J did a fantastic job with his Torah portion.

Everyone was spellbound.

And the downtime afterwards
was sweet!

Did we mention the pool?

How about the harnessed bungee jumping?
(D's hair gives him away.)

Any guesses as to who D
is watching bungee jump next?

Check it out!
Grandpa did a BACKFLIP!
The crowd went wild...
even total strangers stopped to cheer.

So that's a brief recap. It was wonderful to see so many members of the family together, sweet to reconnect with an old friend, fantastic to witness this important chapter in cousin J's journey, and totally amazing to see the look on Mr. D's face the first time he saw real mountains.... and then again when his grandfather flipped upside down!

(If you'd like to see more Colorado photos,
you could check out the set on Flickr.
Next up here on the blog: Adirondack Adventure)

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chimchim said...

Thanks Shelley for bringing back some lovely memories. I had a blast. And one of the best parts was reconnecting with Dorit. And traveling with you and D. Am still imagining/hoping we can find a similar spot on the east coast for next summer. What do you think? Thanks again.