October 11, 2011

Climbing Mt. Colden

Mt. Colden is a REAL mountain. One of the Adirondack High Peaks. So when Uncle Tom offered a guided attempt at reaching the summit to a certain nature-loving boy and his cousin, that was pretty much a done deal. This all happened much earlier this summer; it's a treat to re-visit the experience through these photos. (And I should say that both of the mountain shots are Mr. D's.)

The climbers, at the ready.

Aunties at the ready...

... to help in any way they can.

Mr. D loves being the BIG cousin for a change!

Did someone say "dimples"?

Mt. Colden

The view from the summit.

Still trying to capture the majesty of the moment.

Totally zonked.

(Thanks again, Uncle Tom & Aunties!
And you are in our thoughts, Grammy...)

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kerrdelune said...

Mr. D. is growing fast, and he has a truly engaging grin. This post warmed my heart on a cold blowy morning - no small thing.