December 24, 2011

'Tis The Season

A few images in the spirit of the season...
Turning the Biscotti


The Recital

Christmas Magic

More Christmas Magic

Love, love, love.

Make a joyful noise!


Tia said...

Awwww... beautiful story of the season! Enjoy!

Grumpy but sweet said...

How wonderful. Merry Christmas to you! You bring much joy in the world.

Anonymous said...

Love you guys so so much. We've enjoyed your biscouti...all gone.
Hope your Christmas celebration was terrrific. Family friends good food..what can be better. love Td

Maggros said...

Thanks Shelley! Beatiful!Happy Holidays to you all!

Anonymous said...

You all could be on the deck of a steamer, me thinks. Looks like a happy trip!! Love and a Happy new year to all.
Chimchim and Frau

kerrdelune said...

Happy New Year! Beautiful - love the images, especially the last photo. Happy New Year!

Zina said...

How did his recital go? What did he play? I feel like I'm a part of the family, watching him grow up from (sort of) far away.