July 01, 2012

Continuing Celebration

I was told to make no plans for yesterday, which, as the nearest Saturday to my observed birthday, was designated as a day for celebration. I didn't find out until Friday night that our destination was to be NYC. Now I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Oh, no, wasn't it super hot in NYC yesterday?" It wasn't too bad, actually! We went from air-conditioned space to air-conditioned space, and when we needed to "cool the core," we found that there were folks ready to help (as always, click on any photo in this post to see a larger version):

Our first destination was the downtown location of TeNo, a jewelry place we've had our eye on from afar. Angela, Hector, and Ken could NOT have been nicer. 

When it became clear that picking out our bracelet elements was going to take a little while, Hector conspiratorially borrowed my camera and said, "C'mon upstairs, I have to show you something!"to Mr. D.

This is our boy thinking, "Ummm... okay..."

Upstairs was like stepping back in time... graffiti everywhere!

 Someone got busy.

And by the time he returned, we were 
putting the finishing touches on our bracelets.

Then it was a quick hop on the subway 
and the final days of their

We loved it.

(And in this context, how perfect was Hector's
inspired upstairs adventure for Mr. D?)
T had also arranged for us to connect 
with a bunch of old friends throughout
the course of the day... 
we forgot to take a picture of Evan & Luis, 
but Mr. D nicely agreed to snap this one of 
us with Joan & Louise after our 
terrific dinner at the Bogata Latin Bistro (we recommend it).

In Quakerism, we sometimes talk about "continuing revelation," when referring to the idea that it is always possible to be learning about the Spirit's will for us in the world. 

Yesterday was close to the one-year anniversary of T proposing to me, after all these years. Later this year, we'll be celebrating either our 20th year or our first, depending on how you're counting. This made me think, today, of the phrase, "Continuing Celebration."

 (Thanks to everyone for the wonderful
birthday wishes... it would seem that they came true!)

The good folks at TeNo featured this post
on their blog,
further cementing their reputation for awesomeness!


kerrdelune said...

Happy birthday, and many more of them!

webs said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend! We miss you guys. Let's plan to get together soon! -Laura

chimchim said...

Happy birthday and anniversary. Thanks for pitting your joyful times for all to see!!

'n said...

thanks for sharing your happiness!

Nancy Bea Miller said...

Happy Birthday and Congratulations!!!