June 26, 2013

the water I’m swimming in
feels welcoming

I was on the verge of tears all day. Mostly unexpectedly. There was no way to prepare, emotionally, for the sudden prospect of first class citizenship. We thought this might happen. But when you've worked for so long at guarding against hope...

I made sure to watch Republican leaders responding to the DOMA and PROP8 decisions today with our son. He is almost twelve years old, and he understands the human heart in a way that they cannot, yet.

Looking over at my smart, compassionate, funny, sexy wife, I wonder if I can ever dismantle the airquotes around that word in my own heart.

I am grateful to all those whose work and love have helped bring us this far.

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Deborah Blicher said...

Let's hope this decision is just one point along a vector of movement in the right direction. What we have in our pants should determine our marriage choices and the legal privileges of those marriages? Feels as backwards to me as restrictions because of skin color. I hope our grandchildren will look back on this time as the beginning of their own enlightened time. (And yeah, as a straight married person I might have less credibility than some others, but I'm a Jew and an adoptive parent of two orphans, so I know from second-class citizenry.)