January 24, 2017

deer in the field
lifting their heads until
the train whistle fades


Daniel Wilcox said...

Shelley, This haiku created a sudden vivid picture in my mind! It was like I was back living in Montana:-)

A brief question. I am doing a series of short blogs on beauty, including beauty in poetry and would like to know if I may have permission to quote one of your haiku?

I would include a url to your website.

What do you think?


Shelley said...

Daniel, I am very pleased to have briefly transported you back to Montana, and I would be pleased to have you quote my haiku in your post... please be sure to share the link so I can read it!

in peace,

Daniel Wilcox said...

Thanks, Shelly:-)

Shelley said...

You're welcome! (You do, however, have to add that second "e" in my Shelley...)