March 30, 2004

Creative Job-Making 101

Had a good meeting with GG at George today; they're just coming back from break and he's in "just found out a bunch of people are leaving" mode, which could work out well for me. We had a friendly, free-form conversation, I wasn't at all nervous, and I think I managed to hit all of the talking points I had set for myself as goals. Also found out that George School's Diversity Outreach Coordinator is, as Stacy says, "a member of the corporation," which could work to my advantage.

Two of the people who have been helping out in George's Admission office are spouses of teachers who are leaving. They may have a history of using those part-time positions as lures ("we'll even give your partner a little work") to full-time faculty, but at the same time I have to believe that the director would prefer to have someone in there with my level of experience. That plus some teaching could be an exciting combination.

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