April 06, 2004

Quaker Schoolmarm

Met for almost an hour today with ND to talk about how her needs and my skills might match up. It seems unlikely that there will be a full-time position available at PFS next year -- it turns out that OM isn't retiring until the end of NEXT year -- but we talked about other options. The possibility of a 2-day/3-day split with, say, George School, for example... one of the advantages of being covered by T's benefits package is that it becomes less of an issue in my overall compensation. The possible upside to that kind of arrangement is that it would almost certainly mean that both schools would be trying to figure out how to get me to be full-time once they figured out how good I am. :-) The downside, of course, has to do with the old, "No man can serve two masters" koan.

Still, it was great to talk with ND and feel that she is genuinely excited by the possibility of bringing me on in SOME capacity. And we can add her to the list of people who for some reason look at me and think, "Middle school." I theorized that it might have something to do with my energy level, or my combination of seriousness and goofitude, but she says she thinks it's more about integrity. Cool.

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