March 05, 2004

Trading Spaces?

Just back from a trip to Newtown today for an informational interview with PA, who worked at Penn after I did and is now at George School in Development. She is due to give birth to her first child in a month or so, and after that will be leaving George, as her husband has recently taken a position with a start-up in MD. We had a great meeting at George today, had fun talking about all the things we have in common (her sister is gay and has a long-term partner and two kids), and finished up with her introducing me to the head of George's Development Office, who seems like good people and who shares my grandmother's maiden name. At one point PA introduced me to someone by saying, "I'm trying to recruit my replacement." A nice feeling. PA's friend in the office, Alice, has a son who works at Small World Coffee in Princeton who Mr. D has noticed on several occasions because he wears a kerchief over his hair ("Why dat boy have dat on his head?")... I refrained from bursting into an a capella rendition of "It's A Small World After All." But it is. Maybe PA will become a stay-at-home mom as I turn into a development person...

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