March 05, 2004

Two For Two

Breaking news... the Head of the SECOND school that CS+A referred me to just called. So at the very least we can infer that my cover letter-writing skills are good. :-) The school is in Burlington, further than I would probably want to drive each day, but because it's tiny the Head is used to having to be creative about how to manage his resources. He called me to talk about the possibility of "farming out" some of his college counselling, as the current arrangement, with one of the parents who is also a guidance counsellor in the local high school doing some moonlighting at his school, just isn't working as well as he'd hoped. No firm plans yet, but he may run a few possibilities past his parents + trustees in the coming months and we promised to keep each other posted. I am pleased with how confident I feel, and I think the part-time work at TCNJ is helping with that. Even before my first paycheck, taking on that job is looking like a great decision.

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