April 08, 2004

A Good One to Have In My Corner

Whew. I was doing just fine with today's appointment w/ GB, I really was, until she called me at home yesterday afternoon. Needed to buy herself a little time and push our appointment from 9am to 10am. Still no problem, at least theoretically, but something about hearing her voice sent my adrenal system into overdrive. And then Terri had to work late. So I spent the second half of yesterday in near-tizzy state, knowing all the while that it was for no good reason.

Sure enough, today's meeting went perfectly smoothly. She's got two possible areas in mind for me, academic affairs and academic support (advising), and will send an email to both TP and SC to let them know that she's recommended that I speak with them. Also found out that someone in SC's area is leaving (previously had only known this as a rumor), which means I'll have a GREAT chance at getting good solid information on what it's like to work for her... nothing like talking with a short-timer with nothing to lose.

Looking forward to talking with these folks, getting back to George School, and shaking the trees a bit at Chapin & Peddie. Hope I can get the timing to work out so that I'll have a long and carefree summer.

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