April 20, 2004

How Many Can YOU Juggle?

Whenever I'm juggling in a public place, someone inevitably asks me, "Can you juggle four?" (I can't.) I usually just smile and ask them, "How many can you juggle?" because so far, the person asking the question has always been someone who doesn't know how to juggle at all. Then I explain that juggling four balls is MUCH harder than juggling three, but doesn't look that much cooler or more difficult, so what's my motivation?

Anyway. Finally made myself email TP at TCNJ today, since unlike SC he hasn't reached out to me. Also checked in with GG, who confirmed that he's not neglecting me, just dealing with bigger fires; he promises to talk to the folks in whose area I would most probably be working as soon as he can. Was still at his desk at 8:45 tonight, so... it's a pretty crazy time for him. Afterwards, talking to my sister, I told her how challenged I am by throwing out yet another ball, how I had to push beyond my comfort zone to make myself do these things today, and she said, "Yeah, but that's why you're good at this stuff. You MAKE yourself throw that next ball up. Most people just hang out in their comfort zone."

I have a great sister.

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