April 22, 2004

My Sweaty Little Hand

I've just returned from my meeting with SC at TCNJ, and am happy to report that it went quite well. She's got two jobs about to open up that she thinks would be a good fit for me, and each has aspects that are appealing to me. I've got two draft job descriptions in my hand now, although she's asked me not to share them with anyone, as neither has been posted yet. How and when they get posted may end up being a function of whether or not I can be considered an internal candidate (which SC will look into), and how fast the conversations at the two independent schools heat up. We would clearly each welcome the chance to work with the other, and she was quite explicit about her "family comes first" perspective as a manager. A fall full-time start would be no problem (although some summer training hours would be a plus for either). I also raised the question of whether either of these jobs might be configured as a 10-month position (she thinks yes on one, no on the other). We've promised to keep each other posted, and I'm going to be curling up with these job descriptions tonight. Fun!

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