April 27, 2004

Prepped for A Prep?

Just back from my initial interview at a K12 independent school which I'm feeling pretty good about. I was relaxed and liked the energy of both the students and the staff I met. It's a gorgeous campus (although pretty much any campus would look good on a day like we're having today in central Jersey), and not a bad drive. If I ever got really ambitious, I could bike to work up the D&R towpath.

I touched on some key points about how I would be likely to approach the work, didn't say anything that I'm now regretting, and was not really stumped by any of the questions. (Although I may have inadvertently dodged one... there were enough people in the room that sometimes remembering to go back and address something was a bit tricky.) I spoke for about an hour with a group of four people: the person who holds the position currently, the principal and vice principal of the upper school, and the school counsellor (who is also a graduate of Brown and Penn). (Begin singing "It's a Small World" now.)

Okay, stop. :-)

Looks like they have at least one more interview to go. Not sure if they'll have a second round, or if they'll just bring their consensus finalist in to meet with the Head. In any case, I've got four thank-you notes to write tonight and a PFS board meeting, so I'd better go hunt up some nice notecards.

Thanks to Auntie Nish for the "Remember, if they don't groove on you, you don't want to be hanging out with them anyway," reminder. And big snaps to my co-conspirators from Penn days gone by... my conversations with you were HUGELY helpful!

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