March 26, 2006

Her Fourth Annual "Special Day"

About four years ago, just as the young lady pictured above (my niece) was about to turn five, I was granted a gift of inspiration. In thinking about what to give the birthday girl for her special day, I decided that I wanted to give her just that... a special day. The thought of adding more stuff to her life -- even lovingly selected stuff -- just didn't sit well with me. The idea of taking her out on the town, on the other hand... that sounded pretty cool!

So I purchased the little miss her first Metro card (only children under five ride for free), and we headed off for DC, seeing a museum and Lincoln Center and having a high old time. A tradition was born.

This year's Special Day took us to Bethesda, where we enjoyed a little sidewalk sale action, sampled the elegant ambience and to-drool-for menu at the Chevy Chase Meiwah, and took in a show. We did a teensy bit of shopping, including a long luxurious session of page-turning fun at Big Planet Comics which culminated in the purchase of ONE comic book. And did I mention that the birthday girl shows an impressive ability to track down a previously unvisited Ben & Jerry's?

We definitely know how to have fun. And guess what? My other niece turns five in just a few months. Whee!


Tracy said...

And the girl is still talking about it! What a great tradition. The time with her aunt is much more valuable than any other gift could ever be. I love it. And this year, I get to jump in and take my big boy nephew out when he turns FIVE.

Anonymous said...

Awsome, I'm so envious--but so happy for you all.

TutleyMutley said...

This is such a good idea!