March 02, 2006

Sneak Preview

Yes, that's the fabulous Lea Delaria on the left, and she's being squeezed by none other than Groovelily's drummer and PHS graduate, Gene Lewin.

Went to a sneak preview of McCarter's upcoming production of Midsummer Night's Dream, which will include the efforts of these two cuties, and all I can say is, we are so there!


Chelle said...

So if you have a chance to talk to Lea, you might remind her of the benefit she did for Boston Pride at the ICA in Boston. During her act she mentioned some small town in Southern Illinois (I don't remember the exact town), at which point there was a snort from the back of the hall. She stopped and allowed a slightly embarassed Amy to explain that she was from Vandalia. At which point Lea said, "that's as bad as being from Red Bud". That's the sum total of our encounter with Lea.

AE said...

And the really funny thing is that my uncle once taught school in Red Bud, IL. - Amy