April 18, 2006

That's My Boy!

Ever since D was a little bitty thing, he's had an affinity for climbing. I've weathered more dirty looks than I can count in the last four or so years as I smiled while blithely letting him test his balance on anything and everything. This was not so much bravado on my part as it was faith; he always seemed quite sure of himself, and in fact only fell twice (that I know of), so...

Fast forward to our recent visit to Grammy and Grampy's house, where our little man discovered that the tree out front is... drumroll, please... a CLIMBING TREE!

In the closeup, he has just finished saying, "It's actually pretty easy."

I was a bigtime tree climber in my day, so this latest turn of events is really doing my heart good.

1 comment:

Tracy said...

Beautiful boy! Good for you for letting him risk things -- how else will he know that he can handle stuff?