April 17, 2006


The "G's" are for Grammy and Grampy, of course. The spiral is Terri's signature contribution. And the half-tone green-blue number in the lower left includes racecar stylings by our favorite 4.5 yr. old... fun all around!

In other news, think of a song you like to sing and head on over here. SO cool! Let me know how that works out for you.


Tracy said...

Cool idea. Tried it. Didn't work. Think I need to download something additional -- where IN THE WORLD do you find time for this stuff? Do you, like, NOT watch Desperate Housewives, Supernanny, Blow Out, Lost, West Wing, and the entire home and Garden network lineup? (-:

Shelley said...

Sorry the toy didn't work! Maybe you need an updated version of Macromedia's Flash viewer. Meanwhile, your theory is correct: I've traded my TV time in for surfage, thereby whittling my attention span down to that of a gnat on uppers. But I do love me some DVD's. Right now, Saving Face, a romantic comedy/drama that's half in English, half in Mandarin... for a little while we accidentally had the French subtitles turned on and were VERY confused! Great movie (did I mention it's a lesbian love story?); we'll probably watch it twice before shipping it back to Netflix.