April 15, 2006

THIS is going to be fun!

Have you checked out Pandora yet? (Please don't tell me I am the very LAST person on the planet to figure this one out.) Pandora is a site that pretty much enables you to create your own radio station. Plug in some artists you like, and Pandora will analyze their commonalities and take some educated guesses about what else you might like.

This is a great invention that tempers the scariness of personalized content (soon we will listen only to those voices we have pre-approved, everyone drifting off into their own little bubble-world of one) by constantly offering the thrill of exploration and discovery. Hadn't heard of Garrison Starr until about 16 minutes ago.

Maybe I'm going to have to get an iPod after all.


Laura said...

Launchcast does a similar thing using their fan stations. You can also create your own station created with a bunch of artists you like.

How are the teeth?

Shelley said...

You know, another friend of mine actually told me about Launchcast a while ago and I completely forgot about it! Guess I wasn't ready to hear it yet. Teeth are okayish... won't know for a while yet if I've successfully dodged a second surgery. Thanks for asking!