May 02, 2006

Shower Man

Good thing Tama was the one on bath duty the night THIS breakthrough happened. Because I would never have gone for it. Up until the day this picture was taken, D was a bath boy. All the way. Water on top of his head was a necessary evil to be endured as part of the hair washing ordeal. As you may remember from my previous post on the subject.

But Tama has this great knack for trusting his leadings and instincts whenever it doesn't seem like doing so will result in actual harm, and thank goodness she does.

Tonight, halfway through his shower, D realized that one of his legs had gotten pretty scratched up over the course of his race-running, tree-climbing day. And suddenly the shower seemed dangerous again. "The shower is hurting my leg!" he yelled. On duty on the other side of the curtain, I asked if he would like to switch to a bath. He blinked as if it was an effort to even remember what a bath was, and then quickly said, "Yes, please." He then spent a pruney half-hour gleefully reacquainting himself with his pirates and boats, wailing piteously when it was time for him to get out.

So he's mostly a shower man. But also still a bath boy.

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