June 27, 2006

Michi's Poem Title Generator

Pictured above is Michi's magical Poem Title Generator. You plug in some words (via her questionnaire), and out pops a poem title. All you have to do thereafter is write the poem.

Can't resist. Here are my answers:

I) Tuesday
II) Cairo
III) SheWho's The Earth Will Turn Over, Paul Simon's Surprise, and the Barbra Streisand recording of Hello, Dolly!
IV) e (there's a reason I don't wear open-toe shoes)
V) a - Merman
b - the hills are alive
c - tintinitis
VI) d (Ryme Intrinseca)

VII) a (To Help the Monkey Cross the River)

Whatcha got, Michi?

Update: According to Michi's magical machine, the title of my poem is "The Merman Attempts To Cross the River." Hmmmm...

(Image courtesy of the talented Wednesday Law.)

1 comment:

SarahJane said...

ooh, cute merman.