July 01, 2006

The Merman Attempts To Cross the River

There is no blending in.
Even after years aground.
The merman knows this,
believes he has made his
peace, and yet.

Lying in his tub at night
he sets tasks for himself.
Go a day without shrimp.
Stay away from the water cooler.
Try a walk across a bridge.

So he finds himself
high above the river
watching the humans,
marveling at their ease.
How do they do it?

Do they not hear
the jostle and shush
of the water?
we’re going to the sea
to the sea to the sea!


michi said...

i really like this, shelley. the sparseness, breathing space, the words. well done you! :)

Shelley said...

Thanks, Michi, it was fun to play along at home.