July 23, 2006

Risking A Tumble

It says something about me as a parent, I guess, that my first impulse when D started pulling tricks like this (he was about 13 months old in this shot) was to run for the camera! Before I became a parent, I wondered what sort of mom I would be. Based on my experiences with other people's kids, I thought I'd probably be silly, pretty strict about manners, and possibly something of a worrywart. I was right on the first two counts.

I had good cause to think that I'd be a worrier, because when entrusted with other people's children, that was a dominant part of my experience. But once I became a parent myself I realized that much of that worry stemmed from a lack of knowledge and understanding. How could I know for sure if Tasha was capable of successfully landing a launch from the fourth step up?

But with D, I had that first taste of the famous "mother's instinct," and apparently my instinct leans towards the "Hey, what's the worst thing that could happen?" end of the spectrum. Especially because he's a relatively cautious kid, or at least a kid who has a clear sense of what he can and cannot do.

All through his toddler years, other mothers cut me looks as I let him pull stunts like the one pictured above. But he hardly ever fell. And when he did, as terrible as I felt, he always seemed to feel that it was the price of trying. He was shaken a few times, but never truly hurt, and always bounced right back up.

Which brings us to the present. Here he is now, almost five, still relatively unscathed, still enjoying testing his limits.

I hope that I can continue to hang onto my laid back mama stance as the risks get riskier.

(Many thanks to the wonderful women at Mama Says Om
for their continuing inspiration. I've been away and computerless,
and tried like crazy to get through your great "Relax" entries
before they went "poof"... wish we had an archive!
Although maybe that wouldn't be in the
in the moment spirit of the site.
Anyway, missed y'all, and thanks for stopping by.)


Waya said...

I find that no matter how careful we are as parents in rearing our children, they will tumble, fall and get hurt. I'm in the middle of writing a post about our "Trip to the ER" this past Friday.

Yes, children will test their limit and all I do is pray and cringe that they don't get seriously hurt in the process. Boys will be boys I suppose.

Amanda said...

I read that when we say "be careful" all the time and make our kids feel they will get hurt when they try new stuff that we create a self-fulfilling proficy. Great take on tumble! What a cutie you have.

misha said...

I so agree about the archives thing. And pleasepleaseplease I have never had an ER run yet.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

I got such a chuckle out of that top picture. When my youngest girl was little - she was off the charts tiny - and got too old for the crib before she got to big for the crib. She used to do something similar to this - except she would do a flip off the edge. It was only then that it dawned on me... "too old for the crib now". great take on the topic

Nicole said...

I'm with you. I've got 3 boys and I have learned to let go more and let them take risks. The only times they've really been hurt were from stupid things like rolling off the bed...not from jumping off the fence. Good to know I'm not the only one getting looks from overprotective moms!

Babylady said...

6 degrees...
I just thought I'd post to let you know I got here by starting here

and with 6 kids, 5 of whom are boys, I do alot of "what's the worse that can happen" lol I think it's what keeps me from going gray!