August 01, 2006

Cape Camping Report & Recipe

We're STILL unpacking from our two-week vacation. Everything has slowed to a crawl because of the heat. But we did have a fabulous time, and here, as much a reminder to myself as anything else, is this year's photolog of the ever-evolving recipe for camping success:

Bring a friend.

Rent some bikes.

Relax the rules.

Get wet every day.

Face paint!

Wear 'em out.

Bring poetry & games, but "forget" earrings so you'll have to shop.

and finally, shake out the tents BEFORE you roll 'em up!

We had a great time. It's our twelfth summer at North of Highlands Camping Area (we took a few years off after D's arrival until he was old enough to camp happily). With any luck, we've still got some good camping years left in us. (Let's hear it for air mattresses !)

(I'm really hoping that some of the other Mamas of
Mama Says Om fame do an alternative take on "camp"..
you know, with feather boas and stuff! Please go check 'em out!)


Stacy said...

Loved reading this. Want to go back soon.

Nicole said...

Two weeks? I'm jealous. Great pictures! And the "wear them out" part is paramount. Ah, the great outdoors....

leaner said...

Sounds like such great fun!
I had a moment of wanting to post about something "campy" but I didn't have anything! LOL
I LOOOVE the relax the rules pic! Boys will be boys!

Waya said...

Those were great pix! Loved the "relax the rules" one. I just did a post on my son's summer day camp experience. I'm somewhat of a cityslicker so we haven't done any camping.

Unknown said...

It looks like this was a perfect camping trip....and I love the pictures, esp. the 'relax the rules' and 'get wet everyday'!

Anonymous said...

What great memories you've captured. I like the way you've arranged them in this post, it is easy to see how much you all enjoyed the trip.

Anonymous said...

Ok, my fave was "relax the rules." I've got two girls, so it's a bit harder to water the trees...

Looks like you had excellent camping weather--except for that wind part :)

madretz said...

heehee! Certainly looks like your recipe was very successful!