August 02, 2006

News of the Incredibly Obvious

Here's the big newsflash from central New Jersey: it's hot. To quote our fearless newsfolk: "It's really hot out there, people. We've got temperatures climbing into the triple digits, and with the heat index it could feel more like 115." Right now, whoever invented the "heat index" had better stay the hell out of my way.

Earlier today, hearing the phrase "triple digits" for approximately the quadruple digit-th time, I wondered idly if our car's external temperature display even HAS a third digit.

It does.

PS: Remember my talking about thinking about forgiveness and the abilty to be quiet as if they were muscles? Check out this article about willpower as a muscle... the metaphor goes on and on!

PPS: Okay, next time we have a heatwave, I'm gonna try this!

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