September 20, 2006

Before You Enlist

Know anyone who works with teens?

"Before You Enlist!" is a 15-minute film that provides "the real deal on joining the military" as told by veterans from Iraq to Vietnam, their family members and other young people who've dealt with recruiters. Produced by Telequest of Princeton NJ with support from the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), Veterans For Peace, the Coalition for Peace Action, the Puffin Foundation and others, it is ready for viewing (and download) via YouTube and Google Video.

You can watch it at ... or at YouTube and Google video:
Google Video:
DVD copies are being ordered, and AFSC will play the lead role in their distribution. Many will be sent out at no charge; others will be included in training packages; and still others will be for sale at the AFSC online store for a nominal charge to cover duplication and shipping costs. Details on ordering will be posted soon at and

Many thanks to the participants who shared their stories, and to the many individuals and organizations who contributed time, expertise and resources to this production.
Dick Blofson, Scott Nielsen, Dan Preston

(Shelley's note: Dan Preston is my friend, so I'm totally biased,
but I think this video ROCKS.)

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