September 19, 2006

Time to Sell HP

How's your blood pressure?

Check this out.

How're you doin' now?

Not too many things leave me speechless, but this is pretty close. Fer cryin' out loud.

(Hat tip to BPhD.)


Lillithmother said...

Well that was gross! Betcha sales will skyrocket right after thanksgiving.

Nancy in NYC said...

Mother*ucker! I'm sorry, but it's the most articulate response I can muster.

Waya said...

WOW! That's awesome! Got to get it for all of my relatives. I know, I'm being sarcastic. That's unbelievable! What's next? Making you look cuter than you are? Or maybe

'N said...

Next they will develop a technology to make your arteries look clear so you can eat all the junk food you want and appear to never be at risk for a heart attack. How useful for the deep fat fryer lobby.

SarahJane said...

oh my, i'll have to get one so I can attach the picture to my dating ad.

Josephine said...

Excrutiatingly so mainstream.

Jesus. So, what? We're all supposed to look like 15 year old supermodels?

I wonder if they make one that could make me look like less of a bitch?

Maya's Granny said...

How sad. It isn't enough to leave a record of who we really are, not we have to doctor it.
So, it will make me look slim, will it make my mother look young, my daughter tall, and my granddaughter have long, blonde hair?

Stacy said...

Can we just go ahead an stipulate that HP foot the bills for the eating disorders they have just abetted? Nice work.

n.b. said...

This was so unbelievable that I (literally) didn't believe it at first. I went and checked it out on Snopes and scrutinized the HP website and OMG, it is true. OK, well. This brings up so many thoughts and questions... my mind is pretty thoroughly boggled for the moment!