September 19, 2006

Pass the Torch Tuesday

Two great reports of kids doing the right thing to share today! First, on the way to school today I explained to D that I was going to want to do a little big of household cleanup after school in anticipation of tonight's dinner guests. Did he want me to pick him up asap, with the understanding that what would be happening would be cleanup, rather than playtime? Or would he prefer to stay a little bit late at school while I tackled the cleanup? His immediate uncoached response, "You should come and get me, Mommy, because then I can help with the cleanup!" Rocket.

Second (although temporally first), I spoke last night with the gal in town about the Darfur rally in NYC. I wasn't able to go, but wanted to touch base with someone who I knew had been very involved and who would be able to help bring me up to speed. I also mentioned the possibility of using one of the upcoming Family Dances at PFS as a venue for increasing awareness of the crisis in Darfur, to which her response was an enthusiastic, "Do you know who I should talk to at PFS about this?" The kicker? The gal in question is a fourteen year old. Hope for the future indeed.

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Pass The Torch said...

What excellent examples of passing the torch!! Well done!

I'm so happy you've joined us this week for Pass the Torch Tuesday -- Welcome!


Waya said...

That's a great story!