October 28, 2006

Bedtime Stories

Oh, the places we go!

Bedtime stories are an absolute staple of our family life. There are books everywhere. And, beyond that, D is particularly fond of what he calls "true life stories," and asks for "one where someone gets hurt, or is in trouble, or something like that."

One time, concerned about the impression this might be making, he explained: "It's not that I like that the bad stuff happened. I'm just interested of it."

In fact it was this endless appetite for true life stories, coupled with my friend Fred's example, that inspired the My Life In Stories project.

These days, though, I'm madly working on a story for my niece, T. She commissioned it with a request for a story about "a tomboy witch." It's not finished yet, but here's the beginning:

“Newts!" Tanali swore. Her stupid bangs were always getting in the way. "There oughta be a spell," she muttered to herself, pushing her wavy brown hair back behind her ears for what felt like the squillionth time that afternoon. Looking down at her father magicking the garden's unruly hedge back into some semblance of order, Tanali sighed, tossed a tadpole out the open window into the pond far below, and closed her workbook. She'd had enough Level Two Transformation for one day, anyway.

(Thanks to the good women of Sunday Scribblings
for their continuing inspiration.)


alphawoman said...

This is great!

TMTW said...

Lucky niece!

Anonymous said...

This is definitley my kind of story! (Probably because I have always struggled with my unruly, wavy bangs!) Love the words "squillionth" and "magicking"! More please...

Anonymous said...

I hope we get to see more of this story...I am already curious about this tomboy witch!

susanlavonne said...

I second Becca's comment about the wonderful words you use and add that I do hope you continue to share the progression! It's delightful :-)

sundaycynce said...

Shelley, This story sounds great!! I surely go along with those who hope you will continue it and share more. Sounds like the children in your life are definitely in for continuing story treats.

Oh, your son, I assume, loving stories where problems have to be solved reminded me of a game we used to play when my family took vacations in the car. Fosters creativity in all and sounds like something your son would love. We called it "Now you get him out of that one." We all played--Dad, Mom, my brother and me. Anyone could start. That person created the character and wove him/her into some terrible situation, then stopped. I forget whether we rotated in a specific order or anyone could jump in and get the hero out of that mess. Necessary abilities or personality traits could be added. Once the teller had him/her out of the first problem, s/he (the teller) had to get him into another mess. Then someone else created rescue and a new situation. It kept us busy for hours at a time, which was a good thing because most of our trips were cross country, from our home in Florida to see Mom's many relatives out West, or Dad's in PA.