April 10, 2007

Here, Duffle, Duffle, Duffle...

The good news: T's suitcase and golf clubs arrived home safely last night at about 10pm, a mere 22 hours after we did.

The bad news: my dufflle (full of library books, of course), is still AWOL.

This is what Delta has to say about my duffle...

We have located this bag and are scheduling it to be on a flight. Please check back again for the delivery date and time of your bag.
Your basic "please wait while your transaction is processing." Another chance to give my patience muscles a workout!

It's almost a found haiku:

We have located
your bag and are making plans
for delivery.

1 comment:

JAXTER said...

Waiting for bags that have gone on their own vacations seems interminable - I feel the pain - and hope it comes running home soon.