June 14, 2007

The good, the sad, and the scary

(photo courtesy of Boston Globe staff photographer George Rizer)

First the good news: In Massachusetts today, members of the LGBTQ and allies community are jumping for joy and heaving sighs of relief. In a straight (ahem) up and down vote with no debate, MA legislators voted NOT to allow an anti-gay marriage amendment
designed to reverse the 2003 MA ruling legalizing gay marriage there to appear as a constitutional ballot question in 2008. This is a good thing; it means, among other things, that D's aunties get to stay married!

Now the sad news: Earlier this week, community activist Robin Malta was found dead in his New Orleans apartment. None of his wide circle of friends and supporters can imagine a gentle and gregarious soul like Robin having any enemies, but the evidence points to murder. My heart goes out to the community in New Orleans, who have already been through so much.

Finally, the scary news is that Bush's nominee for our next Surgeon General is
James Holsinger. If you need some background information, click here. (But only if you're not worried about your blood pressure.) For Pete's sake. I continue to long for a day when the LGBTQ and allies community would be so powerful that people would be scared to even THINK about putting forth candidates like this. A girl can dream.

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