June 13, 2007

These Bags I Carry

Who am I fooling
with these sturdy canvas bags
carried back and forth?

I'm not trying to fool anyone, actually, and it's a good thing... a few "spot" inspections of the stuff I regularly haul in and out of work would show a remarkable consistency. Papers and plastic forks and business cards and crumpled receipts and empty Ziplocs and books... all being hauled in and out without ever being touched, let alone dealt with.

Anyone who works in a school will tell you: May is a blur. A whirlwind. A rollercoaster that only runs downhill. You can't believe it's May. And then you blink and find yourself looking at June.

So. The ten month people at my school have gone now. The hallways are quiet... a little spookily so. I've got less than 200 emails in my work inbox. So maybe, just maybe, I'll get to the bottom of one of those bags tomorrow. Or maybe I'm just fooling myself again.

PS: Our modem at home has been dying a slow and aggravating death, but now that my new tech friend Victor at Verizon has confirmed this technological tragedy, we can put in a request for a new modem and go back to our shameless internet ways. Until then, it may be a little light on the photos around here. Sorry 'bout that. And thank you, unnamed neighbor with a strong moochable signal in the interim.)

(Thanks to the women of One Deep Breath
for their continuing inspiration.)


Stacy said...

At least one of those ten monthers is missing her people. E-mail from me soon.

And I think that May is more like the upside down roller coaster in the dark.......and fast, it goes fast.

JAXTER said...

I am so glad to know I am not the only person who hauls around nameless and pretty much useless ballast in her bags. The only exception, being a ten month person, is that I put my bags under my desk at home until August and then continue the cycle again without really cleaning and removing the clutter. Happy editing!

Chrysanthe said...


We'd love to have your e-mail contact info for our site (since your blog is included in our system). Please drop me a line: chrysanthe@outside.in.


Neighbor Liaison, outside.in