July 21, 2007

Lessons From Camp, 2007

(If you like, you can see any of these pictures in a larger size by clicking on them; last year's post-camp series is here, and my Glass Door Knob elements contributions are over here.)

Go out there and GET a good wave.

When you get a good one, ride it ALL the way in.

Hold on to laughter.

Accept the ocean's invitation for another round of tag.

Try something new. (Here, Atomic Fireballs.)

Seek the water's edge and plunk yourself down.

Prepare yourself for wonder...

... and be gentle when it comes.

Climb as you are able.

photo: Aunt Chelle

And don't worry, the Tooth Fairy "does" tents.

(Many thanks to Sassafras Mama for capturing my moments of surfing ecstasy.
Thanks for visiting us at camp again, Aunt Chelle, and thanks, too, to friends
Nancy Bea, Auntie Nish, Karen S., Jenn, and Wendy, who sent me mail at camp!
The folks in the camp office were greeting me with something like awe
after the third or fourth consecutive day of my successfully
receiving mail addressed to a camp site. It rocked.
Thanks, too, to Cate for her warm wishes,
and to other friends, unnamed here,
who consulted weather maps
and thought of us.
I am indeed


Stacy said...

This is a terrific story. Lovely pictures and many happy memories.

Wendy said...

oh you are so welcome! the pictures are gorgeous. btw, i think we have the same surf shorts

Nancy said...

Most fabulous! Glad you had a swell time and good weather. And those surf shorts ROCK: we ordered some for Noah's 9th birthday and eagerly await their psychodelic-ish arrival.

sarbear said...

i love water tag, and i love watching kids play it. pure joy.

Sam I Am said...

awwww..what super photos' you've captured!!!! amazing shots :)