August 05, 2007

Special Day

The first thing C said as the brightly colored plastic of Great Adventure's Hurricane Harbor came into view was, "I've really been wanting to go to a water park!" Then she said, "I don't really like slides that are TOO big, though." Uh oh, I thought. This could be a short visit. How big is too big?
By the end of our 3.5 hour visit, C had considerably expanded her definition of "small enough," and we had lots of slides to choose from, including the long ones picture above, one of which includes a section that is "pitch dark!" (C's description).

When we needed a break, we headed over to the Lazy Creek, snagged a tube, and drifted downriver. (We wanted to get a double tube, but there weren't enough to go around. We then decided we were perfectly happy to share one big single tube.) (Please be very impressed by my ability to take a picture with a non-waterproof camera while floating on a tube with a seven year old. I know I am.)

Then it was sliding and more sliding...

With the occasional bungee jump tossed in there.

C and I truly enjoyed each other's company,
which is what Special Days are all about.


Tracy said...

what a lucky, lucky girl to have an aunt like you (and another one, who takes D for the day...)

Thank you!


T (c's mom)

adi said...

how big is too big
how small is too small
the world is too big
if your heart is too small

Mandy said...

That looks like a lot of fun. I've been debating if it'd be fun for my girls. I don't think the younger may be tall enough for some of the rides.