August 11, 2007

Taking Advantage

We had pancakes for dinner last night (I was inspired by the suddenly cooler weather and felt emboldened to fire up the stove for a change, but wasn't feeling all that creative).

I cut the first few into bite-sized pieces for D, but then, once I'd sat down to eat mine, declined his request for help cutting up his second stack.

"The cutting up help goes away once you're six, you know," I said, on the verge of pointing to the calendar to remind him just how close that fateful moment is.

He looked up with a smile, quick as a fox, and said, "I know, so don't you think I should take advantage of it? While I still can?"

So.... I cut up a few more pancakes. :-)


Chelle said...

Too funny. I can just see the sly smile.

sister AE said...

I KNEW I liked that kid!

Wendy said...

Oh my goodness...he is too much!
love from my tribe to yours,

Jenn said...

Corley has started cutting his own pancakes! Seems very momentous. He's counting the days til 6 -- it's the 21st.

Ackworth Born said...

not sure if your pancakes are quite the same as ours but I used to love them with maple syrup - wish I could have some now.