September 15, 2007

My Life In Stories - Project Update

I've had several pieces of good news in my ongoing My Life In Stories project. (This is the project in which I record some of the oft-told stories of my life, first by titling them, and then by gradually writing the stories themselves. The idea started with a letter from my friend Fred, and is described in greater detail here.)

My entire list is currently over sixty stories long, and I've only written down ten of them so far.

But here's the good news, in two parts:

1) At the end of the summer, the artist, blogger, and super-mom Carolee Sherwood (aka the Polka Dot Witch) stumbled on my project and decided she wanted to play along! So I now finally have someone to add to my long-dreamed-of participants list. (I've had folks express interest before, but I think Carolee may be the first person to actually "up and do it.")

2) Just last week I got a postcard from AMC (via the fabulous though somewhat glitchy postcardx) asking me to write up a new story. Which I have now done! So if you need a little weekend reading, you can hop on over to the list and click on any of the highlighted ones. (Bonus points if you can spot the recent addition.)

I am so pleased to be getting this positive feedback as I continue to explore the relationship between our lives and our stories. And now there's a story-based project to be excited about on May 10 of next year, entitled Pangea Day (embedded video is 2.5 minutes long):

What's your story?


Chelle said...

Great news. I know which story is the newest, but I won't say it hear so I don't spoil the fun for others.

polka dot witch said...

i'm so honored to be the firt on your participants list. also honored by your descriptions of me in your post and on the participants section. ah, shucks! it's amazing and affirming and SCARY all at the same time. thank you!

and ... i think i know which story is new also, but i think you tipped me off in an email so i also have to step aside and let the masses play along.

p.s. i checked out pangea day and got chills during the trailer. wow!!! i'm having crazy thoughts about forcing myself to contribute, maybe as an project for my current training. ...

Anonymous said...

Is it "Youse could start a liberry"?

Tracy said...

I love the "Pop-Pop Runs Away" one -- I didn't even KNOW all of that, and he was MY Pop-Pop, too! (-:

I am working on a list -- have been.


Shelley said...

Thank you for your kind wishes, friends.

Anonymous, you got it right! And Tracy, once you've got a list you'd be willing to share with the world, let me know and I'll double the size of my participant list! :-)

AscenderRisesAbove said...

I have begun rewriting my story too - in a writing class. The writing of it takes you on a journey, doesn't it?

(ps I tagged you today; feel free not to play along if it not your kind of thing though, feel free to change the rules to fit your blog. hoping to send a bit of traffic your way)

kimberley said...

After following the links from polka dot witch I find myself enthralled with the story project. And a bit scared too. But, here I go. I would like to participate. DO I just set up a list of possible titles relating to experiences I would write about? Let me know what I need to do. THanks for your time

Shelley said...

Kimberley, yay, the more the merrier! Yes, all you need to do in order to participate is come up with a list of stories from your life. Titles alone will do for now (although the ultimate goal is of course to actually write them down, or at least get really good at telling them)! When you've got a list posted somewhere that folks online can get to, just send me an email at shelleyq (at), and we'll get you all hooked up! Hope your Meniere's lets you jump in with both feet.

jillypoet said...

I think I'm ready to join! Sign me up. I come from a long line of story tellers. I spent much of my childhood avoiding the women in the kitchen (cooking? boring) and sitting under the dining room table soaking up the men's tales. Way more interesting! Here I go...Count me in. But, how do I write my list and make it a separate place on my blog? Maybe Polka Dot witch can help!