September 26, 2007

Fear Not

A friend (hi, Nancy!) emailed me late last night to say, "Uhhh, it's been kind of quiet over at But Wait... everything okay?"

We're FINE. Just a little swamped with the whole beginning-of-kindergarten, beginning of the school year at our respective schools of employ, and the whole hey, is that a leak in your roof? thing. (It was, kind of. Our new roof is lovely.)

D's loving school (that's him enjoying a snack break w/ his new friend T, whose birthday is today). I'm the proud mama of a brand new wiki. And as soon as I actually get on the plane for my trip to Austin tommorrow, I think life will seem a little simpler.

Funny how being 1,700 miles away from one's "to do" list puts it all in perspective.

(the new baby)
(still keeps me up nights, but cute, right?)

1 comment:

Isabel said...

Your son is sooo cute!

Does he still rave about the pizza birthday cake that you made for him?