October 05, 2007

Fun with Toys

After three years of paying for full-time care for Mr. D, we have been dealing with a certain amount of deferred maintenance. Our roof is new. Our new upstairs sink is almost installed. Powerwashing should be coming soon to our supposed-to-be white house. And now that the first crazy month of school is behind us, I'm carving out a little more play time. It helps to have a six-year-old in the house.

Here's D contemplating his Erector set options:

And here we are, hard at work on a fabulous helicopter:

Life is indeed good. And cameras with auto-shutter options? Totally rock.


Wendy said...

and moms like you and T rock even more.

polka dot witch said...

i'm a big fan of children ages 6 and up. i have a couple more years befor everyone's there! but my oldest celebrates his 8th birthday this weekend!

Cloudscome said...

That looks like fun! Six year olds rock.

Anonymous said...

As a former helicopter pilot I wish
you both the best with yours.
aka Thunderbird 17

Maya's Granny said...

What a delightful child he is, and what wonderful fun you are having with him.