September 29, 2007

We wow'd them!

We did it! We finished our presentation (one person who came up to us afterwards called it "brilliant!"), and we're headed home. Here's the program description of our presentation this morning at NACAC:
E511. Beyond Bragging Rights and Bumper Stickers: The College Process, Adolescent Development and Family Dynamics
Austin Convention Center, Room 18C
Secondary Counseling Issues

Explore issues of adolescent psychology and family development as they relate to the college process.

Case studies will illustrate how a partnership between college counseling and psychological counseling can enhance and strengthen the work of the college process.

Participants will learn how to recognize and work with problematic separation issues, high anxiety, student frustration, parental over-involvement and anger, and dysfunctional family dynamics.

Presented by three colleagues from the same NJ independent school.

And here's an email I got just a few minutes ago:

Thanks for the great seminar this morning. I moved into college work from a psych background and I have had been conflicted about the way college admissions sucks up my time and takes me away from working with these key developmental issues that kids are working with. However, in recent times I have accepted and found that the college application process is an excellent doorway through which to integrate the emotional psych piece into my work. Your presentations was very affirming and I hope you keep presenting on this key area of our work.
We had a terrific time and a packed room of about 200 conference attenders! A steady stream of folks approached us afterwards to request that we email them our presentation notes. The Q&A session was lively and productive. And we left with a renewed sense of gratitude for the strength of our personal and professional relationships... we make a great team! We are already plotting... how and when will we do this again? Yay!


sister AE said...

Yah! [insert sound of thunderous applause from Massachusetts]

Wendy said...

Wow, Wow, Wow! Way to go!

'n said...

congrats! very proud of you.

JAXTER said...

congratulations!! We all knew that you three would be terrific!

O said...

Oh, you give me pangs! Way to be a worthwhile session at NACAC...a tough thing to pull off! Congrats to you, and if you repeat it somewhere locally, please let me know so I can slip off for the day!

Chelle said...

Excellent news, but then I've known for a long time that you're _really_ good at what you do.

Nancy Bea said...

Congratulations! My oldest son is in his last year of middle school. He grabbed my copy of The Price of Admission and is avidly reading it...yikes! Not sure what he is making of it. I found it all very hair-raising myself.

Jenn said...

Congratulations! I'm not surprised you did a good job, missy. Sounds like your presentation made a good point.

kerrdeLune (cate) said...

Good for you and may many kudos, so proud of you, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Soo proud and happy for you. Seeing you 'following your bliss' is a wondrous joy for this spectator.