November 14, 2007

American Sentences

Pumpkins held the line
as a stubborn fog vowed
to stay and fight.

The traffic was slow this morning: mostly the
idea of fog.

I swallow my pill, solving one problem, causing another.

We sit in our bedroom, each at our own screen – togetherness?

(American Sentences. Sentences of seventeen syllables,
informed by direct observation,
prompted by the good women
at ReadWritePoem.
Somewhat harder than it looks.
But not as hard as posting every day for a month.)

1 comment:

slynne said...

i love these, especially the pill one. I have a friend who I need to send it to.

How do you feel about the American Sentances? I feel like they are little postcards. They remind me of prose poetry with a lot more constriction. There is a certain freedom in that. And it makes me say a lot more syllabically than I usually like to.

PS, I wrote my latest post in microsoft word just so that I could use spell check for you!